General conditions of use and sales

The purpose of these general conditions of sale is to govern the contractual relations between SARL MARCO TRAVERSO ET HISTOIRES D’OURS and the co-contractor.

The co-contractor can simply consult these general conditions freely and at any time by clicking on the link “General Conditions” at the bottom of the window on the site www.marcotraverso & Thus any product order placed by a co-contractor will imply the final and irrevocable agreement of the co-contractor on all the general conditions presented below.

These conditions are therefore brought to the attention of customers and are the law of the parties. They will prevail over all other conditions appearing in any other document except prior express and written exemption.

Orders will only be taken into account upon return of the signed, dated and marked quotation marked “Good for agreement” and upon receipt of the deposit when it is mentioned in the quotation.

The prices are expressed in euros HT (excluding taxes), invoicing is made according to the offer made by SARL MARCO TRAVERSO & HISTOIRES D’OURS, the sale price corresponds to that indicated on the estimate. Any additional request must be the subject of another estimate marked “Good for agreement”.

Any production, at the buyer’s request, of sketches, models, models, photos, engravings, search for a service provider, etc … not followed by an order within three months of the presentation, will be invoiced.

Delivery times and dates, whether firm or not, must be stipulated in writing. In the event of a delay caused by modifications on the part of the co-contractor or problems related to products, the delivery time or date will be postponed accordingly.

SARL MARCO TRAVERSO & HISTOIRES D’OURS cannot be held responsible for failure to meet deadlines in all cases of force majeure or facts beyond its control.

The buyer must check the goods at the time of their receipt, that is to say their arrival or on his premises or on the premises of a third party that he has designated, and in the event of delay, damage or loss, make justified reservations with the carrier within 48 hours, he must immediately inform the seller.

A detailed invoice will be sent no later than one week after delivery, payments are made by cash, credit card, check or bank transfer payable to SARL MARCO TRAVERSO & HISTOIRES D’OURS.

Invoices are payable as follows:

– Cash
– Deposit according to the terms indicated on the quote
– The balance 30 days from the invoice date, unless otherwise stated on the quote

In the event of cancellation of the event by unilateral decision of the principal, the deposit remains due and cannot be refunded. All costs incurred, equipment purchased, design, etc … may be the subject of an additional non-contestable invoice if their amount is not covered by the aforementioned deposit.

In the event of late payment, SARL MARCO TRAVERSO & HISTOIRES D’OURS may, at its discretion, without formalities or prior notice, invoice the customer from the first day following the due date, a late payment penalty at 2% monthly rate. The customer will also be liable, in addition, to a lump sum compensation of € 40.00 to which will be added, on presentation of the corresponding supporting documents, all the costs incurred by the recovery of the sums due, including the fees of lawyer and ministerial officer that the compensation raised would not have covered.

No discount will be granted for cash or advance payment.

The customer is not entitled to suspend the payment of all or part of an invoice because of a dispute.
In the event of non-payment by the customer or non-compliance with the terms of payment appearing above, SARL MARCO TRAVERSO & HISTOIRES D’OURS reserves the right to suspend delivery and / or execution of orders in progress or to suspend them. to cancel.
The places where the goods are to be delivered must be easily accessible and present no risk or danger.
Any goods ordered and not received within the agreed timeframe may be the subject of a storage invoice.


For rental services, the prices are for the rental period provided for in the estimate. Any use longer than this period will be subject to special agreements and additional invoicing. The date and time of return of the equipment are imperative and any delay will be invoiced according to the tariff in force.

The total or partial cancellation of an order will be invoiced equivalent to at least half of the amount of the canceled order, without ever being less than the costs already incurred at the time of cancellation if the cancellation occurs. less than 22 hours before the rental, sale or service, the canceled part will be due by the ordering customer and invoiced in full.

Any handling not provided for in the initial estimate and any waiting time will be subject to additional invoicing.
The ordering customer must be present during the delivery and return of the rented equipment. He acknowledges receiving the equipment in good condition, suitable for operation and in compliance with the health and safety standards in force.
The ordering customer undertakes to return the rented equipment, sorted by category, and packaged in their original protections, bins and trolleys. A contradictory inventory will be carried out when the rented equipment is made available and returned. The ordering customer is required to attend in order to sign this inventory. In the absence of signature, no dispute will be accepted and only the inventory of SARL MARCO TRAVERSO & HISTOIRES D’OURS will be valid. The equipment will only be considered as returned after having been the subject of a contradictory inventory or, in the event of refusal by the ordering customer, of an inventory on the part of SARL MARCO TRAVERSO & HISTOIRES D ‘ BEAR alone.
The ordering customer undertakes to use the rented equipment in accordance with its usual destination and to do nothing or allow anything to be done which could damage them. No modification or transformation can be made to the rented equipment. Throughout the rental period, the ordering customer is required to ensure the maintenance of the rented equipment and to protect it against any degradation, vandalism, overload, bad weather, rain, wind, snow, frost … The ordering customer is not entitled to any compensation in the event of an interruption in the operation of the rented equipment. Equipment damaged or not returned will be invoiced to the ordering customer at its sale value, increased by an indemnity intended to cover the unavailability of the equipment.

Retention of title clause :

SARL MARCO TRAVERSO & HISTOIRES D’OURS reserves the ownership of the products until full and effective payment of the price in principal and accessory by the Customer. In the event of total or partial non-payment of the price, SARL MARCO TRAVERSO & HISTOIRES D’OURS may demand, as of right and in full ownership, the return of any product not yet fully paid.

Penalty clause :

In the event of non-payment of a due date or of unilateral abandonment by the co-contractor, the customer will forfeit the benefit of the term and SARL MARCO TRAVERSO & HISTOIRES D’OURS may demand immediate payment of the balance of the price remaining due. . In this same case, SARL MARCO TRAVERSO & HISTOIRES D’OURS may also claim from the co-contractor, as a penalty clause, compensation corresponding to 10% of this balance.


Subject to prior agreement, the client authorizes SARL MARCO TRAVERSO & HISTOIRES D’OURS to cite him in its commercial documents in any form whatsoever as a commercial reference.

Each party will guarantee to the other the confidentiality of information of any nature whatsoever, whether written or oral, of which it is aware under the order. It refrains from communicating them to persons other than those who are qualified to know the content for the performance of the service ordered.

SARL MARCO TRAVERSO & HISTOIRES D’OURS, undertakes within the framework of an obligation of means to report all the care and diligence necessary for the implementation of a service of a quality in accordance with the uses and the ‘state of the art.

The liability of SARL MARCO TRAVERSO & HISTOIRES D’OURS is limited to contractual and foreseeable damages. These are limited to the value of the contract.

The responsibility of SARL MARCO TRAVERSO & HISTOIRES D’OURS is expressly limited to the replacement of products recognized as defective or to the reimbursement of their price. Any operating or order damage is never compensated.

The general conditions of sale above are governed by Monegasque law. Any dispute or dispute concerning these general conditions will be submitted to the courts of the head office of SARL MARCO TRAVERSO & HISTOIRES D’OURS in Monaco to which jurisdiction is expressly attributed.